A floating house to go fishing

Issued on 17th July 2019

If it is triumphant to discover France aboard pretty barges, the Réservoir Gouin is not left to discover a region both wild and inviting. Everybody aboard ! The houseboats at Réservoir Gouin are so cute that the whole family will love it. Before you go, here's what you need to know. It's a long time! Yes Yes. Huge even.

With 5,600 km of shoreline - almost equivalent to the distance from one ocean to another - Réservoir Gouin is an essential tourist attraction for lovers of open spaces. Well known fishing enthusiasts, the Reservoir has many outfitter easy access. The beaches of Cuba? Pfff! On board your houseboat, it is possible to dock on a beach worthy of Cuba.

The beaches are sandy at will, perfect for swimming and beach games, safely. Bring your cocktail blender and cream!

To each his boat! A small vacation aboard a houseboat offers the possibility of covering several fishing areas during the same stay. In fact, each house drags its fishing boat. We park the houseboat and hop! Walleye and pike just have to stand. Make your games ... it's urgent! Although the Reservoir is very large, only 30 houseboats cover the entire territory. The demand being stronger than the offer, hurry up if you do not want to "miss the boat". Be aware that the largest houseboat (20 feet x 75) can accommodate 12 people. Whether staying with family or fishing buffs, each floating house has all the amenities. The experience is unique and impressive. Easy to drive safely? Each owner offers training before departure, a kind of accelerated driving course explaining the safety regulations. Be aware that the vast majority of houseboats are equipped with a GPS indicating the route to get to the "parking" boats house, which, for many, also have a satellite phone in case of emergency.

Where do we get information? It's simple; the outfitters offering the experience are directly contacted: Les Chalets Gouin, the Gouin Adventurer, the Gouin and Magnan Outfitter, the La Galette Outfitter and the Montagnard Outfitter. For a holiday at the water's edge, this is the first step to take! For other infos you can communicate with us: Outfitters Association of Mauricie: 1-877-876-8824

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