An escapade on Valentine's day

Issued on 28th January 2016

Valentine's day

It is almost Valentine's day, the lovers celebration that heats up February! Has cupid will thrown an arrow at your couple years ago.. or a few days ago ? Are you desperatly looking for ways to please your loved one ? Outdoor enthousiast, I have the ideal proposition for you !  

Adventure Package

La Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc, at Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, is easily accessed by car or by using the snowmobile paths for a short escapade between lovers. For this great opportunity, the adventure package offers a night accommodated in the principal Inn which is a member of the Hôtellerie Champêtre. You can choose between six classic rooms, nine rural rooms and three superiour rooms. The meals can be included or not, although the french gastronomy in the area is worth the detour! The chef Charles Perllerin makes high quality meals (locally fished fresh trout and herbes from the garden) and knows how to make you a special meal for the occaison. Finally, if you prefer the friendship of a cottage, 12 cottages (5 star), one family cottage and one rustic cottage are also available for your liking. 

La Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc Offers plenty of activities on it's territory: A visit of the maple factory, ice fishing, plane on skis, dog sledding, snowmobile and more. Something to keep you busy all day, easily! This outfitter also offers, free of charge, its aquatic center and its sports equipment ( snowshoes, cross country, skates, tubes to slide) to all visitors that stay at least one night. 

Gift certificate

If your busy schedule can't allow you to be free on the 14th of February, think of offering a gift certificate! Either for a massage, a ramble with guided snowmobile, a night or a gastronomic meal, all these combinations are possible !  

Because, after all, what matters, is the presence of the loved one.... Happy Valentine's day !

Here are the outfitters that can offer an unforgettable Valentine's day !  

Club Odanak / Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire / Club Hosanna Pourvoirie Waban-Aki / Pourvoirie du Barrage Gouin / Domaine Touristique La Tuque /Pourvoirie Kanawata /Pourvoirie le Goéland /Pourvoirie Windigo / Relais 22


By Stéphanie Lavergne

January 28th, 2016


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