An introduction to hunting small game that they will never forget

Issued on 17th September 2018

My two teenagers asked me for several years to take them small game hunting. For them, it was a dream to be able to use a weapon and go hunting. I finally decided, a few years ago to bring them hunting. I obtained a hunting permit from the government and booked a stay in a Mauricie outfitter not far from Ville de La Tuque.

On a good Friday, I had taken care of going to the multipurpose and take the directions to the outfitter. Upon arrival we could feel the warmth of the fireplace in the cottage. The owners made sure to make a fire a little before we arrived. This was much appreciated as the evenings were much cooler at this time of year.


The next morning, no need to tell you that lunch was very short and that my two youngsters were close to leaving. After giving them a number and lavishing a few safety recommendations, we started hunting small game. We walked around the lake in front of the cottage. Having almost completly surrounded the lake, I perceived a partridge which was about a yard distant from us. Mathieu, my youngest, did not wait for instructions, hurried and fired a shot. Being too close to the partridge, there was a cloud of feathers. This earned Mathieu the nickname "The Exterminator" and gave him a good lesson.



Early in the afternoon, we met the friendly owner of the outfitter. He offered us to go and hunt the little game with him by mountain bike. An offer fallen from heaven that could not be refused. Hardly after crossing a hundred yards, the owner saw a partridge. We were lucky that he was there because we never would have seen the partridge. He has lynx eyes. We soon realized that he is used to living in this natural environment. We traveled several kilometers later, collected several partridges, observed the skeleton of a moose probably killed by a wolf and to fill it all, a female moose who was walking quietly in the woods. A hike in the forest that my young people will never forget.

It was a memorable and much appreciated family activity.

If, like me, you want to initiate your children to hunting, I invite you to consult this link: -initiation-chasse.aspx

Good autumn!

By Alain Robichaud October 11, 2016

Credits: Alain Robichard, Tourisme Haute-Mauricie

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