But when are we going fishing ?

Issued on 30th April 2017

During the month of May, you can enjoy the sun while having fun outside with your children. You can also take your first drink out with friends (without mittens). But it is above all to take out the boat and the fishing rods and to go on an adventure with your family, finally! You will be able to do all of this in the outfitters of the Mauricie whom which open their doors for a new season. Plenty of packages are offered for you to benefit and make the most of your stay with adults and your children.. Here are three reasons that will make your mouth water ...

Free for children

First of all, the Aventurier du Gouin welcomes your children for FREE, throughout the summer season!

Yes, you have read right. This package includes:

-Free accommodation for children under 18 (one child per adult).

- The American plan and the home for children under 12 (one per adult).

If there is indeed a playground dreamed for lovers of fishing, it is indeed the reservoir Gouin that has an area of ​​more than 1500 km2. You will be able to see this breathtaking landscape thanks to the plane and / or train transportation to get there, since the outfitter is not accessible by car. This will allow you to further enrich your experience with a ton of majestic photos.

Fishing Package

You will also be charmed by the cachet of the Duplessis Outfitter as well as its fishing package. Indeed, this outfitter offers:

- Accommodation in a cottage

- Exclusive fishing rights

- Boat and engine 9.9 (1 full of gasoline per boat included)

- The European Plan

In addition, the cost is reduced for your teens as it is half-price for them, as for your little explorers aged 12 years and under, it's free! Starting at $ 104 per night (4 night minimum), this package is the perfect way to escape the daily routine and relax in a peaceful and warm place. Easily accessible by car or by train, this outfitter will show you the beauty of its landscapes through different facets.

With a bit of luck, you can catch a wide selection of fish such as the Pike, Whitefish, Golden, Brook Trout, Yellow Perch and Lake Trout. Be quick, this package is only available in May and June.

Cottage or camping  

Finally, the cherry on the sundae, this package at the Le Goéland outfitter will please you for sure. For $ 40.00 for 1 night, this package includes:

-The daily fishing

-Lodging in a cottage or condo

-More outdoor activities

- The European Plan

As for the two previous packages, Le Goéland outfitter offers a special price for children. Indeed, you can bring your little fellas (0 to 3 years) free of charge as well as your biggest (4 to 15 years) at the cost of 20 $ per night in a cottage and 25 $ per night in a condo. A great alternative to discover or rediscover the joys of nature. In addition to fishing for brook trout, native brook trout and yellow perch, many activities are offered on site such as camping, canoeing, berry picking, swimming, mountain biking and photography. On the outskirts of the village of Lac-Édouard, 45 minutes north of La Tuque, this outfitter is easily accessible by car, but also by mountain bike or motorbike. A pleasant walk to do with the family!

Other equally interesting packages are also available in different Mauricie outfitters. To take a look:

Good fishing!  

By Camille Froment Bouchard May 1, 2017






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