L'Auberge du Lac-à-l'Eau-Claire

Issued on 25th September 2015


During a sunny sunday morning, I took the road, armed with my new musical discoveries. At the end of a beautiful contryside road, about 1h30 from Montreal and from Quebec, i found without any difficulty the l'Auberge du Lac-à-l'eau-claire outfitter. At the heart of the magnificent St-Alexis-des-monts view, the outfitter has a 42km majestic lake contoured with a dozen more lakes. 

At my arrival, it is the luxurious of the place that surprised me the most. Indeed, the inn definitly had a top of the line appearance.It is probably one of the reasons that made them winners of the Grand Prize from Tourisme Québécois in 2012! The 23 rooms in the inn are at the heart of the complex, but at a few steps, two pavilions are in front of the Bienvenue Lake. These pavilions offer a felted and distinctive environment with a rural decor. In addition, some condos with 2 to 5 rooms are also available with private bathrooms and are also available at a grande living room with a well equiped kitchen. Finally, 16 cottages are completly independant and all offer a stay with absolute comfort and privacy.  



The day of my visit, an intimate exterior wedding was being held. A space in front of the lake, with a beautiful arbor and white aligned chairs, acted the ceremony for the married. With a modern dinning room capable of receiving 240 people, their gazebo can welcome 70 people and not counting their numerous reunion romms as well. Auberge du Lac à l'Eau Claire is a destination of fondness for big gatherings.     


Relaxation and activities

During the morning, the invited could profit from the pool with olympic dimensions, finland baths and an enjoyable massage at the Aquatic center and of congress, two steps sway from the principal Inn. The villégiature center offers a VTT ride with guide, a mountain bicycle, canoe and kayak location. Some hellicopter tours, to see the outfitter from other angles, was also available at a reasonable cost on a sunday!


Fishing Amatures

For the fishing amature that your are, these lakes have bass, rainbow trout , trout and brook trout. The restaurent offers many plates that make use of these fish that were caught dirrectly on the outfitter. Trust my personnal experience, the food is worth the detour ! 

The Lac-à-l'eau-claire, I would without hesitation live this moment many more times with my siblings, the night offered a cosy wool blanket close to the big exterior foyer.  

For more information visit their website

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by Stéphanie Lavergne

25th of septembre 2015

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