Outdoor superwoman

Issued on 17th June 2015

My grandfather was a well known man professionally. He would not bend under the pressure but would remain straight as a pine tree. It was precisely in the heart of the forest that he released his emotions, joyful or bad, because in town, we had no right to spread any of them. The times have not changed so much in fact, but the "freedom forest" is no longer socially reserved for men. My grand-father's time has come to an end, and the tourist packages in outfitters now allow the spiritual tranquility for their guests.

Because .... What happens in the cottage, stays in the cottage!

 Last week, I took the 155 south to visit the Club Hosanna. At the summit of a large turn, a large round wooden cottage invited me to the heart of their large family concept. This outfitter, accessible and user-friendly, is the image of the owners in which we explain the history of the place. A sunny day, trouting with the electric motor which kept the silence almost intact. The morning sun, which made us regret the sweater, is the ideal time for laughter and for fishing stories ! Around noon, our bellies were telling us to head back to the cottage on the edge of the lake: luxury, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere combined with the odours of the external fire which crackles. From then, we are no longer superwomen, we are happy women simply sharing this moment. You know, a place where the Wi-fi is disconnected, with no concerns. Trading in the high heels for rubber boots. All these years, the sisters of heart tell stories of the day without restraint. Every year, a scheduled date allows you to light the fire and meet some old flames.

The outfitter Club Hosanna is part of the concept "Ladies Fishing", who is a gathering of outfitters that simplify the life of the "superwoman.". You must admit that it is lovely to be able to take coffee, observe the mist on the lake, while someone takes care of everything! When was the last time something like this occured to you?

By: Stéphanie Lavergne

June 18th 2015



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