Top Reasons Couples Should Go To Outfitters Together

Issued on 4th February 2019

How would fishing be the best solution to enjoy a moment of rest in pairs? You will understand everything after reading this. Your adventure starts here.                 

    1) Get out of the daily routine

Of all the activities available in the outfitters of the Mauricie, fishing remains definitely at the top of the must-sees. Now you face a big dilemma: take out your old fishing arsenal or get a brand new fishing rod! You do not have a suitable boat? No problem, they are included. Gentlemen, fishing is the perfect opportunity to take your soul mate out of your comfort zone. Few can hold their joy when the fish pulls its strongest on the hook. Satisfaction guaranteed !

2) Take the time to find each other

Do you spend most of your time stuck in traffic, at work or in a meeting? Are you caught up in your children's daily housework and weekend classes? You finally have the right to take time for yourself. What's better than setting the record straight with your sweet half? Fishing will probably be the best form of escape for you. You will find yourself somehow obsessed with the sound of the waves that hit the boat, the sound of the wind, the beauty of the landscapes. You will finally be the only ones to enjoy this moment, without the unbearable pressure of your daily rhythm. You will face the unpredictability of nature. You would never have thought that you could empty so easily and so easily. It only remains to focus on your fishing rod to not miss the opportunity to "iron" your dinner.  

3) From the lake to the plate

To end the day in style, enjoy your catch. Finally, taste the result of your hard work. It's time to take out beer, wine or your favorite liquor. You will never have tasted such delicious fish. You will be at the forefront of what nature has to offer. Enjoy the moment to remember your best moments of the day. Restore your strength to return to the water the next day at the first hour.   - Go out on an American plan: You were looking for an escape and the mere idea of ​​cooking does not inspire you at all, no problem! Several outfitters offer packages in American plan, that is to say that meals are included during your stay. Just bring your catch to the Pourvoirie restaurant and the cooks will prepare your fish on site.

4) The proximity of major centers

From downtown La Tuque or Shawinigan, you are a few kilometers from remarkable fishing sites. Here are some suggestions for outfitters located near the urban area: Around La Tuque - Lac Dumoulin Outfitter: Kilometer 20 on Forest Road 25 (15 minutes) - Seigneurie du Triton On the road to Lac Édouard (45 minutes) - Outfitter Tourism Estate La Tuque: 15 km on the forest road (40 minutes) - Waban-Aki Outfitter: 25 km on Highway # 1 (45 minutes) - Club Odanak Outfitter: 9.5 km on Route 25 (30 minutes) Around Shawinigan - Lac Blanc Outfitter: St-Alexis-des-Monts - Auberge du Lac at Eau Claire St-Alexis-des-Monts - Club Hosanna: KM 39 on the 155 North (30 minutes) To name only those. For more information we invite you to   5) Daily fishing No need to plan a full weekend to go fishing. The outfitters listed above all offer you the opportunity to fish per day at competitive prices. You just have to start your day early in the morning to fully enjoy your day. If by chance your babysitter gives you permission to go two days, jump on the opportunity to sleep in a cottage, teepee or camping, at your leisure! To know more… For more details on the fishing packages available in Pourvoiries de la Mauricie, visit the website in the section of fishing packages at -peach.  You will find all the details necessary to plan your stay in love. Choose your outfitter according to their services and the fish species available on their territory. Happy couple fishing!

  By Jérémi Trudel February 2019

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