Camping salon, fishing and hunting Trois-Rivières

Issued on 30th March 2016

You wish to plan a fishing stay in an outfitter and improve your chances of capturing greater fish and game. The 25th edition of the camping salon of fishing and hunting in Trois-Rivières is the perfect location for that. This exposition has more than 150 exhibitors. You can learn all sorts of tips and tricks during conferences on fishing and hunting and also purchase new products related to outdoor activities. Information can easily be found on internet, but it is always better to discuss directly with providers of the Mauricie that will be on place. These people, who have acquired many years of experience, will answer with pleasure any of your questions about the following subjects:

 -          European and American package costs

-          Availability of the cottages

-          Types of cottages (Number of rooms and beds)

-          Equipment included inside of the cottage (Electricity, shower, kitchen, refrigerator, dishes, drinkable water)

-          Departure and arrival hours

-          The average sizes and different species of fish

-          Bait recommendation

-          Fishing limits (quotas)

-          Services offered on place (Internet, fishing rights, worms, engine rental, store, bar, etc)

-          Offered Activities (Canoe, kayak, swimming, walks, wildlife observation, berry picking)

-           Recommended types of vehicules 

Whether it is a trip between friends, family or between girls, you will find all the information that will allow you to make a trip that is even better than you expected. The salon will be held as of the 31st of March until April 3rd 2016 at the Complexe Alphonse Desjardnis located at 260 Rue Dessureault in Trois-Rivières. Cyril Chauquet will also be available Saturday between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm. We are counting on you. For more information visit our website:

By: M. Alain Robichaud

March 30, 2016


Who is M.Robichaud ???

M. Robichaud is a fishing and hunting enthousiast. He was a judge during the World Fishing Championship of Kamloops, BC 

''My role was to draw the fish from the water, measure them and put them back in the water.'' This brought him to do the same for the France team. 

For more than 10 years, he was a volunteer in the Mauricienne Society of Fly Fishing

For five consecutive years, he was given the treasurer title, he also spent 3 years as a writer for the Ardillon magazine and is now responsible of communications. 

He was involved 2 years in the Vision St-Mauricie organisation which takes care of seeding the Shawinigan river.

From 2009 to 2015, he was the editor of the Nouvelles régionales de la Mauricie in the magazine Sentier Chasse-Pêche.

Articles about all the fishing and hunting activities in Mauricie appeared once a month. 

He is a precious collaborator of the Mauricie Outfitter Association. 


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