Plan Your Father and Son Outing in 7 Easy Steps

Issued on 4th June 2019

Father's Day is just around the corner. Why not take the opportunity to knit your father-son bond more tightly? Nothing like a fishing trip to do that ... and more. Because from the moment that we offer this gift, it is upstream that the real journey begins, well before being face to face in the same boat. Let's take a look at the 7 steps that will make this moment unforgettable.

1- Choosing where to go
Ask yourself what you are really looking for: a moment of proximity in an individual chalet? A forest inn where you can sit and tell the stories of the day while tasting regional products? Here, the choice is vast. And no need to go far to isolate a bit.

2- Prepare the fishing boxes
Spend hours choosing equipment, lures, flies ... what a beautiful moment of complicity. Take the opportunity to ask for advice or let your father tell you his fishing stories, for the 100th time.

3- Plan provisions
Are you going to cook? Separate the menus. Surprise each other by sharing your best recipes. Go together to the grocery store fill the basket! And remember: the times you spend cooking or eating together are often the ones that cause confidences. We do not forget the beer!

4- Review his techniques
Before you go, give yourself a little rehearsal. Take out your rods, see that the reels are well wound and the silk perfectly stretched. It will relax you too!

5- Enjoy shared moments
What happens in the boat remains in the boat. Even around the fire, you may learn more about your father and vice versa. These moments are unique, make them an anthology piece. This time is so precious!

6- Let go
Forget about tensions, family quarrels, old grudges. Forgive everyone their bad habits and pick up. Here, no stress. Only quality time with the loved one. And although most outfitters have wifi, do not worry.

7- Share your catch with your world
As the slogan says, "In the Mauricie, it bites here". No question of returning empty-handed. The lakes are so full of fish - and the trophies so impressive - that you will not have to stop at the fish market when you come back. Unfold the tablecloth, leave the BBQ and uncork the bottles. Time is at the party!

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