Fishing and hunting

Hunting & Fishing for everyone!


Whether you are a woman or a man, novice or great hunting and fishing expert, for many, these activities are more than just sports, but also the means to return to basics. Outfitters have much to offer hunting and fishing enthusiasts because they offer comprehensive services qualities and varied. Whether you are fanatics of trout fishing, ice fishing, fishing for pike or simply for hunting small and big game, outfitters of the Mauricie have everything to make your hunting trip and fishing quality memory that will remain forever etched in your memory. The outfitters offer trips for hunters and fishermen an all in one that will delight young and old. Accommodation, equipment and coaching is what outfitters of the Mauricie region are at your disposal so you can meet all kinds of game and fish.


Rivers loss of sight


The seasons, hunting and fishing fond Quebec anxiously waiting to reconnect with nature and majestic Quebec be in contact with the most diverse species as each other. The rivers of sight and larger lakes nature of the Mauricie region are home to several species from the native trout in the rainbow sky trout and pike walleye. To your surprise, many other species may be found at the end of your line, not to mention, the beautiful landscapes of the Mauritian flora home partridge, moose, deer and several other big game trophies. If hunting and fishing is not your favorite activity, but want to experience the thrill of hunting trips and fishing with family and friends, many outdoor activities are available, depending on the season. Skating, snowshoeing, walking in the forest, canoeing and many other activities are available.


winter season


For lovers of fishing activities who wish to continue their experience during the winter season and who are not afraid to freeze the cheeks, ice fishing is also available on several extended in Mauricie. This attraction, visited by many fishermen, is a wealth of people in the Mauricie. The best known, the thematic center of poulamon of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, pervades every winter, a small village on the ice, becoming a must for visitors from around the world who visit to take part this unique activity that is fun for the whole family.


Nature Mauricie in action!


Overseen by a body having at heart the preservation of nature and cultural heritage, Nature Mauricie educates, informs and enhances Mauritian wealth. Each of Quebec Outfitters invites you to enjoy hunting and fishing experiences out of the ordinary, but because of where the outfitter is located, fauna and flora has a diverse personality to enable hunters and fishermen to be constantly discovery and always surprised in their favorite activity: hunting and fishing!


Type of Quebec Outfitters


Among all types of outfitting of Quebec, put in your next route, if it is not already, an outfitter in the Mauricie at your choice of fishing in Quebec. The high quality and diversity of fishing services and the impressive number of species in the different scopes makes this attraction a must. For the fanatics of nature activities, select Mauricie Outfitter for your next trip and you never want to leave at the end of your stay. The scenery is breathtaking, awesome fishing results and the employees friendly.


If you wish to have a complete experience of hunting and fishing outfitter in Quebec, why not combine your fishing trip with one of moose hunting, hunting small game or the bear hunt ? Several outfitters specialized in hunting and fishing offer diverse packages, including fishing, hunting, lodging and sometimes even meals. Arriving on the scene, you will have no question for you and you just have to focus on your business.


Children and young adventurers!


You want to engage your shipmates to the activity or just want to introduce them to the majestic environment of hunting and fishing activities are also organized to meet your young adventurers. Indeed, outfitters are devoted entirely to young farmers in hunting and fishing. These magic circles in the Mauricie hosts free youth aged 12 and under and affordable accommodations for young people aged between 12 and 16 years. This offer allows young people to have a fishing clinic at the start of the holiday to teach young fishery bases and key techniques. This is more than 14 outfitters, specialized in hunting and fishing, in Mauricie that have the goal of initiating young clients to wildlife.


Hunting and fishing is one of the most popular summer recreation Quebecers. Who has not seen their families plan their next fishing trip or who never heard his father or his aunt discussed their biggest capture hunting. Despite its existence since prehistoric times, hunting and fishing is not obsolete and continues to delight fans who practice.


For more information on key areas of hunting and fishing, outfitting the Changing accommodation around the Mauricie, take the time to browse the different tabs on hunting and fishing packages and contact our team who will be happy to make your next trip to hunting and fishing, a trip with a bite!