Vacation in outfitters  are always unforgettable. All fans of hunting and fishing in effect long remember their first outdoor experience or their first trip outfitter. These outfitting fans often reminisce with pleasure glare experienced during their first visit to outfitting at the beauty of our majestic Quebec's nature. This is also the feeling of well-being they are looking for the following outfitting each of their trips. And how not understand, anyway? What's more impressive, in fact, to admire the magnificent scenery of a Quebec outfitting? Rich of their many lakes and their impressive rivers, often lined with densely populated forest with game of all kinds where it is sometimes possible to rent a cottage in a remote area, Québec territories attract rightly outdoor enthusiasts and are a immeasurable wealth for the people of the Mauricie.


Outfitters in Mauricie


Lovers of fishing for pike? Passionate about hunting and fishing? Fishing bitten in Quebec? You are aware that the outfitting services in the Mauricie region are particularly renowned, and many visitors from all over the world who choose the beautiful Mauritian region to satisfy their taste for discovery of an outfitter and passion for fishing in Quebec. Among all Quebec outfitting, outfitting Mauricie remain in effect, due to their high quality, very interesting diversity of their outfitting, as well the impressive number of species available in outfitting , a high-level choice for amateurs and enthusiasts. Pike fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, ice fishing: there is something for everyone and outfitter for all types of fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts and beautiful nature!


Nature Mauricie: Your reputed and reliable source of information!


For all these reasons, and following a most fruitful partnership between the Association of outfitting the Mauricie and Tourisme Mauricie, the site "Nature Mauricie" has been created to become a reputable and reliable source of information for the activities outfitting. In addition to presenting each member outfitting describing the services and activities that are proposed, Site Leaders "Nature Mauricie" makes himself available to answer all your questions about life outfitter. What a great way to make an informed choice and determine, with your traveling companions, the outfitter that best suits your needs and your desires.


All types of Outfitters


Family outfitter prestigious outfitter outfitter specializing in a particular species or outfitter services and more varied activities: there is something for everyone and for all types of enthusiasts on the website of "Nature Mauricie"! A truly indispensable resource for choosing your outfitter for your next vacation in the beautiful Mauricie region!