The Club Oswego, offers an European plan, to best suit your budget. The staff there will help with your concerns or questions and with your time spent with the outfitter. For moose hunting, a vast territory of 87 square kilometers, divided into 12 exclusive territories, including several caches id open to you. Thanks to the development of our territory, several lakes are a real paradise for you, lovers of speckled trout.

The Club Owsego outfitter has been operating since 1986. The owner Mr. Normand Roberge and its employees are working with all their heart, to satisfy all their guests. The outfitter has a vast territory of 87 km squares. It is located at only 3 and a half hours from Montreal and Quebec. For the less accustomed, you will be delighted to learn that the road to get there is asphalted. You take the road 155 North and it is located 30 km from La Tuque.

For hunting lovers, this outfitter is the dreamed place. The territory has exclusive rights that are divided into 12 territories of 6.5 km2, each territory containing multiple caches. The place abounds small game and game of great size, such as the bear and moose.

For trout lovers, you will be filled by 25 lakes, that surround the outfitter. We thank the wildlife on several of the lakes, they have carefully improved the quality of the fishery. Nearly half of their lakes are accessible by automobile. A Novelty from 2012, 3 new lakes are now accessible.

In order to spend a little energy during your stay, the outfitter offers one of their 14 cottages which can accommodate 2 to 12 people. Most of the cottages have all the amenities required for your needs. A shower room has also been arranged in the vicinity of the home position. All packages are offered to you in European plan, i.e. you bring your food.

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# of establishment: 850096