Perhaps you are of those who dream of fishing throughout the year and jumping for joy at the approach of the summer season where it may, with their outdoor enthusiasts friends, enjoy the pleasures of fishing and proposed activities by their favorite outfitter? If this is the case and that fishing is one of your passions, it's a safe bet you are a fan of a Quebec outfitting or even outfitting Mauricie, where you like to enjoy the pleasures fishing in general, or fishing for trout or walleye fishing in particular. It is also likely that you have already experienced, when winter came, the joys of ice fishing in your favorite fishing outfitter.


The joys of fishing


Perhaps, instead, have you ever even been fishing, but do you want to try it by visiting a Quebec outfitting deemed or a fishing outfitter offering additional special service to fishing and making you feel as renting a tipi? Maybe you've heard of an outfitter offering the Mauricie Ice fishing services without having dared to experiment with this type of fishing as original as spectacular? If this is the case, what do you expect to achieve your desires and discover fishing with family and friends the joys of fishing in general and fishing in Quebec in particular? Our territories are so vast and so beautiful that it would be a shame not fun for a fishing trip outfitter!


Indeed, many people who associate with fishing a memory of particularly memorable childhood. Why not do the same with your children and enjoy the beautiful nature of Quebec to introduce them to the joys of trout fishing or fishing for walleye? What's more pleasant, such as a fishing trip to Quebec to begin the great summer vacation?


Québec and Mauricie Region


Outfitting abound on the beautiful Québec and Mauricie region is particularly famous for the variety and quality of its hunting and fishing services. Indeed, many outfitters in the Mauricie also offer, in addition to fishing activities, facilities are specially designed to accommodate families or groups, such as parks, beaches and playgrounds. Others offer fabulous discoveries and unusual like renting a teepee or a houseboat for a really special experience. Whether you are more adventurous or more cocooning, fishing packages are also created specially to taste. More time fishing and accommodation, is also available gourmet dinners, lunches, massages, boats, hiking trails and more. If you are interested in continuing the fun and discover the world of hunting, seduced by hunting packages or simply hunting and fishing combination in one of the outfitters in the Mauricie. Several species can be discovered and, who knows, maybe you will develop a new passion.


Fishing, a passion!


Fishing is a passion for you or is a hobby that you enjoy when you spend time with family or friends, the site "Nature Mauricie" allows you to make an informed choice based on your needs in fisheries, among the finest fishing outfitters in the Mauricie. "Nature Mauricie" is aware that is not always easy to find a place to make good catches and that's why she made you a custom guide to help guide your choices and find the gem.


Lovers of hunting and fishing, make haste to discover the wealth of information available on the website of "Nature Mauricie" and enjoy this beautiful popular activity if Quebecers!