White fishing

Experience ice fishing


Perhaps you dream long to experience ice fishing without having had the chance yet? Perhaps, also, have you heard the enthusiastic testimonials of ice fishing enthusiasts who, cheeks flushed with happiness to enjoy the outdoors even during the summer, are full of praise before the fishing opportunities Quebec offered during the cold season, including fishing for pike and walleye fishing? Choose a Quebec outfitting practice there ice fishing may seem difficult when one is unfamiliar with the area. The most experienced fishermen, for their part, may have wanted from time to time to experiment with a new fishing outfitter without knowing where to begin their search.


The Mauricie region, famous for ice fishing


If you are in either of these situations and you are interested in ice fishing, fishing for walleye or even fishing for pike, the site "Nature Mauricie" is for you! Listing the list of outfitters in the Mauricie and all their features, the site "Nature Mauricie" also allows you to make an informed and wise choice at the time, for example, to book your next ice fishing vacation or any other type fishing in Quebec. Each fishing outfitter presented therein will be described you the main features, allowing you at first glance to target those among all fishing outfitters presented that best fit your needs. You will be able to see how Quebec outfitting related service offering is as wide and varied and how a site like Nature Mauricie is essential for both ice fishing enthusiasts or any other type fishing in Quebec for outfitters owners Mauricie, an area particularly renowned for its fishing outfitting services.


Essential information resource for ice fishing


Born of a partnership more positive between the Association of outfitters in the Mauricie and Tourisme Mauricie, the site Nature Mauricie is therefore an essential information resource for ice fishing, certainly, but also for all types of activities outdoor and outfitting of the beautiful Mauricie region. You'll not only find all the details for you to live out your passion for ice fishing, but also all the additional information needed to complete your vacation or stay in the lodge. What not only allow you to demystify ice fishing, but also give you the urge to get started, with family or friends in this great adventure so rewarding for anyone who has the chance to experience the beautiful Quebec winters!


Experience ice fishing


Ice fishing will also always fascinated tourists who choose to visit Quebec during the winter season. Many people, in fact, experiencing ice fishing and winter outdoors. Why not emulate them and, in turn, enjoy the joys of winter wearing a look filled with the love of nature on the landscape of the Mauricie? On the website of Nature Mauricie, you will find all the information necessary to begin the practice of white peach a