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Quebec is one of the places in the world offering the most favorable to the development of fishing outfitter territories. Indeed, with its large spaces majestic and impressive expansion of its lakes and rivers, fishing in Quebec remains a yet unsuspected wealth and the growing interest in hunting and fishing activities, and in particular of fishing trout, white peach and white peach only testifies to this phenomenon craze for fishing outfitting activities.


La Mauricie, fishing outfitting region


Among the most requested fishing outfitting services in regard to fishing in Quebec, looking for a lodge in the Mauricie region a particularly renowned for the quality of its hunting and fishing services and for the beauty of its territories at the top of list. Proponents of trout fishing, ice fishing and walleye agree: the supply of fishing outfitting services and especially in the Mauricie outfitter meets all their expectations and often greatly exceed the wishes initially expressed. Family holidays, celebrations and friends of an important moment in life, lake-to-shoulder or stay for training or motivation between colleagues of the same company: any excuse is good to stay in a fishing outfitter the beautiful Mauricie region or to discover all the attractions of life in fishing outfitter!


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Aware that this universe can seem intimidating to the novice fisherman, the site's team of experts "Nature Mauricie" strives to facilitate your search for a fishing outfitter and make sure you answer all your questions about fishing outfitter that interests you. Accommodation, catering, type encountered wildlife services included or not, transportation to the fishing outfitter offered complementary activities, etc. Everything is planned so that important information, as well as the coordinates of the fishing outfitter chosen, are easily spotted on our website.


What to bring in anticipation of the trip to the fishing lodge? How the children play they outside the fishing seasons in itself? What to Expect in the level of service and accommodation? Are the chalets really safe? All the desired information about the selected fishing outfitter will be at your fingertips. All that time saved in preparing your holiday planning stage will allow you to dream by viewing pictures of each outfitter, imagining you the progress of your next vacation or passionately discussing with relatives who accompany you in this beautiful adventure.


If any, or the need for more precise information was felt, please contact a member of the site team of "Nature Mauricie". Our experts also courteous and experienced will be happy to respond with alacrity and accuracy to your questions and reassure you, if any, to make your experience unforgettable.