Quebec outfitters

Fishing fans!


Quebecers have always been great hunting and fishing enthusiasts and they always found their account in the Quebec Outfitters, whether for a hunting activity and fishing or just to admire the majestic landscapes of outdoor activities. Authentic nature, the Quebec Outfitters allow you to practice hunting and fishing in an environment designed for various clients.


If you are part of the clientele outside Quebec, advice and specialized packages are available. Of the 400 present outfitters in Quebec outfitter network, you'll be able to find a package that meets your expectations. You're at your first hunting trip? You do not know the regulations governing the practices in fishing outfitters? You want to get recommendations for that "bite it" more at the end of your line when you are in a Quebec outfitting? Or you are looking for simply the best package to suit your tastes and your destination?


Outfitter Quebec that is made for you is found in the brochure made especially to your attention. It explains how to plan your trip (insurance and payments), climatic conditions which you deal, you need to take in your suitcase when you go fishing, different species that can be crossed in an outfitter of Québec, safety rules on fishing, export of game, etc. In fact, you have all the information to help you plan your wonderfully hunting trip or fishing in Quebec in addition to have on hand the necessary information throughout your stay in the lodge. If you want to diversify your travel hunting and fishing, see also who presented all the outdoor activities to do close to your accommodation, you are in a lodge or in the Mauricie area Quebec, for example.


For accustomed to travel in an outfitter of Québec, various services are available as packages family vacation, the outdoor packages, packages tailored to companies, etc. You know, every outfitter of Quebec specialties, and this, according to seasons. You want to disconnect from your everyday for a few hours, trails and waterways of Quebec Outfitters is your favorite spot. Looking for a place to practice your water sports, go camping, have an introduction to wilderness survival, go hiking or bike mount, choose an outfitter in Quebec.


A family moment


Want to surprise your little family for your summer vacation, Quebec outfitter is the key place to ensure you have a memorable stay with the package The Family Holiday. This trip allows your family, in addition to hunting and fishing, access to water games, indoor games, volley ball and badminton, and many others. Choose a Quebec outfitting for your next family vacation.


A relaxing moment


Like good food and pampering? Why not pair your fishing trip in Quebec gastronomy? Whether you are outfitting the Mauricie or in one of Quebec Outfitters, vacation planners have seen fit to join the culinary experience to meet the tastes of fishermen purposes. Fans of the Quebec Outfitter hunting after a day in the woods, why not give you a moment of rest in the whirlpool or treat yourself, just a one hour massage. Why not take advantage when you're on vacation?


A meeting in the woods, why not?


Corporate outfitters in Quebec Outfitters have been set up so that you puisiez schedule meetings outside your work environment or simply to plan an incentive trip for your employees. Guests have access to a meeting room, a bilingual service, Internet access, audio-visual equipment and of course accommodation and high quality services.




Seaplane to the boat


Want access to large unexploited areas where wildlife is diverse and indescribable flora. Outfitter Quebec gives you access to these areas by transporting you by seaplane. This is a unique chance for you to explore the beautiful scenery up and Québec areas.


Pêche en herbe


Like several Quebec Outfitters, fishing budding is a key activity that has been developed by the Wildlife Foundation of Quebec. Indeed, it allows to initiate succession (ages 9 to 12) to one of the most beautiful sports in Quebec and so send them the basics of a good fisherman (fish habitat, safety, protection , etc.).


The first Quebec outfitter to be recognized was created there in this century and, since then, the providers are doing everything in their power to ensure your holiday is unique, diverse and your image so that fishing outfitters and hunting trips are your destinations year after year. All of Quebec Outfitters also set up a vacation planner that allows you to select your vacation depending on the species you want to fish or hunt and on what type of practice (crossbow, fly, etc.). The summer and winter activities, type of accommodation, regions, areas and specific options are also among the selections to make. To access this vacation planner, go to the website


Happy holidays!